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In bio energy area the group has two wood pellets plants.


Made generally from sawdust, shavings and chippings from sawmills, wood Pellets are a natural product, used namely by electricity producers, that using fossil fuels in the energy production, needs to find alternative natural fuels that permits the reduction of CO2 emissions, in accordance with Kyoto Protocol.


Wood pellets are mainly exported to Central and North of Europe, by vessel from Aveiro and Sines harbour.


The 2 plants, Pellets Power, Lda e Pellets Power 2, Lda, are strategically located in the Centre and South of the country, near the raw material sources and the harbour.

The annual production of the two units is around 200.000 tonnes.


Pellets Power

Placed in Mortágua, this plant is under production since April 2008.

Pellets Power 2

Placed in Alcácer do Sal, this plant is under production since May 2009.