Gesfinu is a privately owned family group that selected electricity generation and bio energy as main business activities, continuing in the real estate activity.

With a share capital of €15.000.000,00 and a nº of employees of around 120, Gesfinu is an investment holding company in wind, hydric, recycling used oils, pellets production and real estate area.

In wind energy and hydroelectric power, the Group manages and operates three wind farms (Energia Verde, Elienergia e Senhora do Monte), one hydro-electric (Sed) and holds a share of PEB. 

In bio energy area the group has 3 plants for wood pellets production, Pellets Power 1, Pellets Power and Pellets Power 2, located in the North, Centre and South of Portugal, with a total annual production of around 300.000 tonnes.

In internationalization, namely in the wind energy área, the group is operating in Poland.